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Zodiac Signs and Super Heroes

In a way Zodiac Signs and Superheroes are similar, both have their different traits and personalities that they are well-known for.  Although Superheroes are more based on super powers and are meant to do things that a normal human cannot do, the analogies behind these are represented by the Zodiac signs. Both the outer powers and inner personalities intertwine and can cause the resemblance between the zodiac signs and Superheroes, which will be outlined below.


The Scorpio certainly resembles with Batman. Both are extremely analytical and think really deeply of everything they do.  They have a very philosophical approach to life and don’t conform to any rules set by society. Both are really secretive and anything they try to do, they do without many people finding out, but they do love to find things out about other people.  They both have passion for anything they want done or want to pursue in life, which is the leading cause of their success, and they both want to make an impact on the world, and would do anything to fight for what is right depending on their mood.

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Both of them are known to be the more generous and sincere from the signs. They both are willing to sacrifice so much just so that the people around them remain happy despite how dangerous the situation can be and are always going to put the people’s needs before their own.  They both carry a lot of determination and ambition, and will go to lengths to achieve what they want in life, they aren’t afraid of obstacles, but rather thrive in them. They are also extremely family orientated people, who have a massive desire to take care of their home and always be there for them no matter what.


Although Hulk is made of sheer Physical strength, The Taurus sign is someone who embodies a really strong and fiery personality. Much like there sign of the Bull, they are short-tempered and one small details can make them go into an absolute rage much like the Hulk.  People would usually not provoke them, as everyone knows how lethal they can be, and anyone who does would be wishing the never did. A Taurus also has different personalities and chose it accordingly to the situation, they have the one personality that will completely destroy everyone and they save it for the special occasions

Professor X.

There is no doubt that Aquarius and Professor X have so many similarities. They both have this really sharp intelligence that is incomparable to none.  They are always under cover, but are aware of everything that is going around them. They both have this gifted trait to being keen observers and being very analytical of people, and they know who is good and who is bad. They always present a vibrant energy and passion, and have them ambition to always come up with new and innovative ideas to tackle any situation in life.

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