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Vitamix E310 – Makes my Life Easy

Hello world, I am Anna from California, United States. I lived in a joint family with my husband, kids, and in-laws. I have a large family and for them I have to cook everyday which is quite tiresome. Making recipes every day for every one is a tiring process as my blender has a small container and I have to make a single recipe again and again for my family. I was quite annoyed because of my blender and one day I decided to talk to my husband about the issues I was facing. So, the day when I shared my issues with my husband, he instantly decided to buy a new blender for me and after reading some reviews online he decided to buy Vitamix E310 blender. He ordered it from the store’s website and the product was delivered to our doorstep within 3 working days.

Today I am going to share my experience with the blender and how it changed my life and makes it easy for me to cook for everyone. I unboxed the blender and put everything out from the box. The box contains the motor base of the blender, container, a cook-book, and a mini tamper. What I love the most in the box is the cook book because there are many recipes in that book which I can prepare in this blender for my family.

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The container of the blender was big enough which has the capability to make large batches of recipes for the entire family. The motor base of the blender looks very unique and durable, and its blades were shiny and sharp. I read its user manual to understand its function on which I found out that the motor this blender has is of 2 horsepower with a radial cooling fan to cool it down during the blending process. The motor has the 1380 watts of current which allows it to run at a high speed to generate enough force for the blades to crush and pulverize any kind of hard ingredient you put on them.

The blades on this blender are made from stainless-steel equipped with hammer mill technology which makes them brutal for any solid ingredient. These blades can easily crush and blend any hard ingredient such as frozen fruits, vegetables and many other stubborn ingredients. Moreover, these blades can go on an extreme speed by which you can heat the frozen ingredients easily.

After reading all the manuals I started using this blender and prepared my first recipe in it. I made a potato puree in it for my family and as a shocker it blends it like it was nothing. The best part about this blender is that it has the variable speed controls which I used to get my desired texture of the puree. Also, I used the pulse feature of this blender to get exactly what I wanted. My family likes the dish and to be honest the blending of the ingredients was constant and convenient. This blender totally changed my life and makes my kitchen work easy. I would recommend everyone to purchase it and ease your kitchen work.