Fashion in the Forest

Having long shiny and beautiful hair is every girl’s dream. Being a college girl daily exposure to air pollution, using serums and hair products might damage our hair to some extent. Straitening hair or using curlers are also not good sometimes for your hair. My hair is a total mess I so wanted treatment for my hair; my mother told me to have keratin treatment for a fresh and beautiful look. Keratin treatment is so standard these days that every other person, even boys, is going for keratin treatment. You can also have keratin at home. 

I don’t want to go for home option for keratin because I was going for this treatment first time, and I don’t want to ruin my hair. Hair and makeup in San Bernardino is a dream because they have the best and talented people for makeup and hair. 

But one thing you should keep in mind is that keratin is not suitable for all hair types. Mostly, women don’t have an idea, and they opt for a keratin treatment and get nothing except an empty wallet. 

If you are going for the treatment, make sure like I determine whether your hair is suitable for the treatment or not to get the best result. One of my friends with straight hair opt for this treatment despite having straight hair, and in the end, her hair was crap.

We Can Straighten It Out

In my area, I had the best salon for hair, and I went to her for the treatment, and she asked me to come after one week because she was fully packed. I asked her to examine my hair, whether it is perfect for a keratin treatment or not. 

Before going to the salon, I wash my hair properly and let them dry for about 20 minutes. I didn’t use the dryer in my entire life because it can damage your hair.  

There is no doubt that the right keratin treatment from the right salon is the best combination. It did wonders for your hair if you have selected the best one. And hair and makeup in San Bernardino is my only option because of the service they provide to their customers.

I went to the salon, and as expected, it did wonders to me; my rough and curly hair was transformed into beautiful silky hair.  

Love My Do

Kao’s salon is one of the best and leading salons in San Bernardino. The staff in Kao’s salon is exceptional, and they go out of their way to make you satisfy, and the atmosphere of the salon was so soothing and warm with a high massage chair, separate room for makeup, and hairstyles. 

Their staff asks me for the refreshments, and their snacks were best, and they did my nails complementary. I’ve been using this salon from a year or two after my keratin treatment, and after a keratin treatment, I went for the hair dye, and they changed my hair color, and it was looking beautiful on me. 

They always give me the best services because I often struggle while selecting the best thing for my hair or face. She always sorts it out and advice me for something which always turns out the best on me. 

Lastly, every single person working in Kao’s salon is talented, and their trainee is also very professional, their staff from receptionists to the senior hairstylist, all of them is very down of earth. 

They always make sure to put their 200% on their clients, and my time at the salon is still the best. Huge thanks to each one of them, especially Diana, who did my hair. The care she has given is exemplary.

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